Marketing Moves recruits new CRM Campaign Manager for emerging markets FinTech company BIMA

Key Details

Mel Day, CEO

Consultant: Melvin Day, Managing Director
Client: BIMA
Sector: FinTech
Role: CRM Campaign Manager
Location: London


After Marketing Moves recruited a new CMO for emerging markets FinTech company BIMA, the new hire Rebecca Shears swiftly set about building her team – and identified an immediate need for CRM skills to be brought into the London office.


BIMA is one of the fastest-growing impact and tech companies in the world, using disruptive mobile technology to bring insurance and health services to consumers with low incomes. BIMA is committed to disrupting the traditional insurance industry and democratizing access to vital services for billions of under-served families around the globe.  In 10 years, BIMA has built a customer base of over 35 million subscribers in nine countries across Africa & Asia.

BIMA has brought together some of the best talent from across the world to create a company that truly celebrates diversity. With people treated as the company’s greatest asset – and an equal opportunities employer – BIMA encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds to work for them. 

The Role

BIMA required a CRM Campaign Manager to help effectively engage and empower millions of customers throughout the customer lifecycle. The CRM Campaign Manager would work with the Global Marketing team as well as Product, Technology, and local country marketing teams to successfully develop and execute multi-channel lifecycle marketing strategies that reached tens of millions of users worldwide. 

Reporting to the Chief Marketing Officer, the role was based in London and required some international travel to the markets. Joining BIMA at this stage provided an opportunity for the successful applicant to truly influence the strategy of a global, growing business – a vibrant company where ideas and passion are welcomed, and employees get real responsibility from day one.


Key to this recruitment project was finding the balance of big company tech knowledge whilst having the ability to work in a smaller fast-paced environment. Technical skills had to be coupled with an ability to work in an unstructured and fast changing environment – so the desired candidate had to be very self-sufficient. If these weren’t enough, the role required international experience and the ideal candidate needed to be aware of different cultural needs.

Recruitment Process

Due to lockdown, the entire search was conducted over Zoom and Teams. Marketing Moves CEO Mel Day talked to over 120 candidates, which was whittled down to a relatively long shortlist of 10 applicants in order to cover a wide range of salary and experience levels. 

After an initial call with the CMO Rebecca, each candidate was invited to interview with the rest of the marketing team as well other senior executives. After this comprehensive selection process – and much deliberation – the successful applicant was chosen due to their perfect blend of technical skill, cultural fit and passion to do a great job. They have now been in the post for several months and are doing very well. 


“I was actually approached by Mel at Marketing Moves for the role at BIMA – a company I had never heard of – after uploading my CV on various job portals following a Covid-related redundancy.  In reaching out to me, Mel saw beyond the systems I had previously worked with (as BIMA’s CRM platform wasn’t one I had experience with) and instead identified how my achievements and experience were relevant for the role.  After a great, informal but thorough pre-qualifying call, it was obvious that the role at BIMA was indeed a good next step for me and Mel agreed to put my application forward. I’ve been with BIMA now for almost three months and regard this as my best employment choice to date.  It goes to show that good recruitment agencies do help bring the right candidates and companies together.”

– Desmond Mall, new BIMA CRM Campaign Manager

“Having first been a candidate through Marketing Moves, I was interested to know whether the client experience reached the same high level as the applicant journey. I’m delighted to say that it does – from the outset Mel really understood what I needed and worked hard to give me a great range of suitable people, to cover every angle and eventuality. From this wide array I was able to pick and choose those that best met the brief – before eventually making the final decision and selecting the stand-out person. After several months in the role they are doing brilliantly and have been a fantastic hire.”

– Rebecca Shears, CMO

“As well as being a very interesting project to work on it was great fun working with Rebecca. Rebecca is an amazing client who really knows what she wants and is a great communicator.”

– Mel Day, CEO


Mel Day, CEO

To discuss in confidence how Melvin and Marketing Moves can support your organisation’s growth, please contact Melvin by any of the means below.

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