Marketing Moves recruits new EMEA Demand Generation Lead for rapidly growing US Cloud Security Software company 


Key Details

Industry sector: Cloud Security Software
Role Recruited: EMEA Demand Generation Lead
Location: London, United Kingdom
Date: June 2020
Duration: 5 weeks



When a rapidly growing US Cloud Security Software company expanded into Europe as part of their global expansion plan, they trusted Marketing Moves to help them hire their first Demand Generation Lead across EMEA.


About the Company

The company builds modern security solutions that help companies run safer, smarter buildings – and the company was recently voted in the top 5 US startups to work for. Their enterprise security solution combines easy to install security cameras and access control with intelligent, cloud-based software — all in a scalable, user-friendly system. 

More than 3,500 organisations, including 30 Fortune 500 companies, use the company to protect people and assets, secure facilities, and gain new insights that improve the efficiency of their operations. 


About the Role

Choosing London for the company’s first ever marketing hire in EMEA, the Demand Generation Lead was required to create and implement a marketing plan for EMEA.

The EMEA plan also needed to dovetail with US marketing to raise awareness of the company in the region and support the EMEA sales team by generating leads, while also being a key stakeholder in creating company culture as they scale the team upwards from the UK. 


The Challenge

The key aspects of the role focused on creating content, devising and implementing multi-channel campaigns and identifying new programs to deliver leads. The successful candidate also needed a strong marketing automation and digital marketing skill set.

These requirements made recruitment difficult because the candidate needed both a varied and a specific skill set – possessing the ability to be able to develop a marketing plan and culture while also being willing to be ‘hands on’. Furthermore, the candidate ideally needed to have a background working in SaaS. 

If that wasn’t tough enough, the recruitment project was started and completed entirely during UK lockdown, which forced Marketing Moves to adjust our search accordingly. 


The Solution

As the role was very specific, we utilised the Marketing Moves’ network and database of excellent technology marketers. With the role being completed in lockdown, both the interaction with the client and the search and selection process was completed entirely remotely, with a start to completion timeframe of just five weeks. 


The Outcome

After weeks of hard, painstaking work, we created a longlist of eight candidates. Following careful analysis – comparing every candidate against a median benchmark – five were put forward to the shortlist.

Each applicant then completed a four stage interview process, culminating with a final call with the founder of the company. After consulting with us, the company chose the stand-out candidate who matched all the outlined requirements and was a great culture fit.

The successful applicant has now been in the post for several months and is doing great – enjoying the role and making a positive impact.

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