Marketing Moves recently conducted a poll asking whether applicants had received a response if they’d applied for a job on Linkedin. 

Our poll received 134 votes and 20 comments.

Here are the results: 

  • 68% No reply
  • 16% Interview and beyond
  • 12% Thanks but no thanks 
  • 4% Other – see comments

As you can imagine, with 68% of people receiving no reply, there is considerable room for improvement in the way in which companies and recruiters protect their brand by executing simple good manners.

Here are some of the comments the poll received:

My experience from a couple of years ago is similar to others on here – very poor.  Never hearing from 90% of of applications…. and the other 10% tend to be “too late”… In the end I gave up on looking at jobs on LinkedIn – especially for anything above entry-level.

I have had a few declines, one hiring manager writing to me saying she liked my profile and asking for possible interview dates. She then ghosted me so not a good experience. Many no responses though LinkedIn provides some responses – viewed your application, downloaded your CV. 

I once got a call from a “talent manager” – and I am putting the quotation marks on purpose. She said she was interested in my profile, we scheduled a phone interview for a few days later, and then she ghosted me. I wonder if it’s a widespread pattern.

I have never received a response from any “Apply Now” job ads on LinkedIn. I’ve had more success from job boards etc. 

The real question you should ask is if you see a role advertised and there are already 200+ people applying for it do you apply or not?

I don’t believe that all those people are all 95%+ right for the role – so why bother. I have never bought anything that is 75% fit for purpose, so why would you expect a company to do the same.

Seeing some positions published over and over (but no reply to applications), I wonder if it’s due to a “glitch in the Maxtrix.” Or maybe LinkedIn is affected by a space-time distortion: we get all the postings and CVs are delivered to parallel universes. (Sorry, sometimes tech PR and sci-fi passion go hand in hand. LOL).

You can view the poll in full here:


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