Melvin Day, Managing Director

By Melvin Day, Managing Director

We’ve recently completed a couple of recruitment processes, where as usual we’ve helped a technology company find the perfect marketer to match their culture, with the skills and experience to help them grow. 

Conversely, we’ve helped the marketer find their dream job with an organisation which can also help them grow professionally and meet their career goals. 

In both cases, the match was so good that the offer by the company to the candidate was made quicker than expected, which is great – right?

Wrong! While this should be seen as a great thing, for some reason candidates often see this in a negative light – perhaps that if it was so easy to get a role then they should hang on and see what else is out there.

It’s almost as if people need to be disappointed by either a rejection elsewhere or just a general lack of interest in their availability before they take the most suitable role for them. It might have elements of the grass always being greener, or looking a gift horse in the mouth – or just the general psychology that if something is easy or simple then its value has lowered.

Of course, this psychology isn’t limited to our career – we all experience it in lots of aspects of our lives, like in romance when there’s no thrill in the chase with someone who just tells you straight that they like you!

Similarly when shopping, we see a great deal at the start, spend the next six hours traipsing around a shopping centre to check there aren’t any better deals, then when we go back at the end it’s either sold out or been snapped up by someone else!

What are your thoughts – what’s the best job you’ve ever turned down?

Melvin Day, Managing Director

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