Marketing Moves CEO Mel Day discusses who’s currently hiring in the tech space,
analysing company size and sector alongside the jobs which are in demand.  

Doing More With Less

Melvin Day
Mel Day, CEO

With C19 still in full flow and 65,000 people furloughed in the first 30 minutes of the government’s web portal opening – whilst many have lost their jobs – the last thing companies are doing is hiring.

Or are they?

Many companies have of course paused recruitment for now and are trying their best to keep staff by asking them to do more. So rather than hiring a demand or field marketing manger for example,  existing team members have been given an increased workload to pick up the slack.

Despite this, some roles continue to be in demand. 


What marketing jobs are there during the pandemic?

Foremost amongst these are web managers – where individuals are expected to possess a combined technical and marketing ability / experience. We’re also seeing requirements for user experience specialists, digital experts, marketing automation professionals and product marketers who have strong all-round inward and outward-facing product marketing expertise.


What types of companies are hiring during Coronavirus?

Most active firms tend to be in mid to medium size range and leaders of these businesses have told us they see an opportunity to attract talent they would not normally potentially have access to. 

And this is especially important right now. 

Sometimes, the best talent is the hardest to get. We call them passive candidates. But right now, everyone is an active candidate because very few people can be sure of their job. Which means that for the first time in living memory, if you offer a concrete job to a passive candidate which matches their career ambitions, they’re far more likely to take it.

So if you need to make a critical hire, now’s the time to do it.  


Should I say I’m unemployed on Linkedin?

There’s another very interesting aspect to all this: redundancies in C-19. Marketing Moves has been contacted by a large number of exceptional people saying they have lost their jobs, and asking us to help them find a new one.

Look at their Linkedin though, and you wouldn’t know it. The theory is that it might look unattractive to a potential employer to say you are unemployed, and there’s an obvious issue at pride at stake.

So just as above, there are a great number of fantastic people currently available that wouldn’t even think of moving under normal circumstances.


What sectors are hiring in C19?

The sectors we’re seeing the most activity in seem to cybersecurity, 3D video, surveillance and e-commerce tech. Unsurprising really when you consider people are now spending all their time living in, working from, buying from and communicating from their home. And companies like Zoom and House Party have had security aspects of their software exposed very publicly, very quickly.  

US tech firms are still looking to establish themselves in Europe, and London continues to be the preferred location for traditional reasons such as language, culture and so on. Given that these nascent teams will most likely be home-based anyway they are going ahead with hiring. 

We’ve seen a sharp rise in contract recruitment requirements due to the pandemic – mainly because companies need to hire but might not want the commitment of a perm employee just yet – for reasons to do with onboarding, training, management and so on – whereas a contractor can hit the ground running. 

You can read more about contract recruitment in our Head of Contract Recruitment Laura Barrett’s last article by clicking here

We expect to see broader contract requirements decrease once we have a lockup date (is this the opposite of lockdown?) – but the running joke in the office is that we expect to see high demand for maternity covers in around nine months time!

If there’s anything I can do for you during this difficult time, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Melvin Day
Mel Day, CEO

To discuss in confidence how Marketing Moves can support your organisation’s growth, please contact Melvin by any of the means below.

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