1-2-1 Marketing

Deep down, we all know that we are far more likely to have a better engagement with a customer if we do so on a 1-2-1 basis. Read More


In a recent survey, 55% of those survey respondents sitting on the main board of their companies, reported feeling optimistic about the future. Worries about the global economy were receding. Read More

Turning Customer Input into Innovations

Very few companies think about Innovation from the customer’s perspective. One way to find true innovation is to take an existing customer need or requirement and break it down into its component parts. Read More

Branding, Brands, Branded,

Many businesses still don’t get the difference between the three. The question people keep asking is “How do we differentiate ourselves?” Read More

Antennae Up! Technology Marketing and Social Media

According to McKinsey’s, valuable ‘weak signals’ representing snippets, not streams of information, abound in social media conversations Read More

Engagement Precision

Marketing Automation – the tracking of customer activity and behaviour over time, often leading to better leads, improved marketing productivity and increased conversion rates. Read More

Our predictions for Recruitment in 2014

Finding the right candidate is difficult. Let’s admit it. Marketingmoves is luckier than most because it’s our business to know who has talent in IT Marketing. Read More

Outcomes Matters

What makes an interim executive successful?

Companies across the globe in all sectors of the economy have chosen to appoint a proliferation of interim executives for key roles (think John Chen as interim CEO for Blackberry). Read More

Waterproof Innovation

One company is often lauded as ‘the world’s most innovative company-W L Gore. Read More

An interview with Clare Grant, VP Marketing Feed Henry

Marketingmoves asked Clare Grant three questions:

Tell us about the ‘changing face’ of marketing

I’ve been in marketing over 20 years and traditional marketing such as product marketing, and marketing communications have made way for the new ‘digital’ marketer. Channels to market have increased exponentially. Unless a marketer understands technology and how they can use it to better understand buyer behaviour, they will struggle to stay relevant in today’s business environment. Read More

The Evolution of Email

The debate continues to rage about the usefulness and sustainability of email – a recent survey of 2,600 US workers shows that people spend half their workday dealing with email. Originally created as a quick, efficient and simple way of communication, it’s now becoming more of a document management system. Read More

Is Social Media Right For My Business?

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…

Over five years ago, CMOs and Marketing Directors raced one another to the starting post to invest in social technologies that they could use for business applications, in an effort to find the holy grail of customer engagement and connection. Many are still at it. Some very brave companies took a ‘build it and they will come’ approach. Only they haven’t. Come that is. Read More

Is it Cultural or Personal?

Wharton Business School professor and negotiation expert, G. Richard Shell thinks its ‘personal’.

Most of us when working globally, already have pre-determined ideas about our colleagues in different countries. These ideas are borne out of experience, hearsay and even from what we’ve read or studied. We start engagement with new colleagues based upon our views of the past instead of looking or listening to the individual before us. Read More

Marketers for the Financial Sector

The rapid, turbulent and continuous change in the financial sector has forced providers of financial services to look to new marketing models to enhance their competitive position. Read More

Local versus Global Debate

Large multinationals and even some small and mid-sized companies now depend upon being able to develop a pool of talent that can operate flexibly and internationally. Read More